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Livestock automation products born with 30+ years of field experience and advanced information technology, enable smart livestock farming.


Samwoo, excellent technology and best service

Samwoo seeks to develop and improve technology for various smart livestock farming devices, such as feeding, drinking, climate control, and feed conveying system for biosecurity. Our products are sold to all the regions of South Korea, and also exported to overseas markets.

Poultry/Duck Pig farming Cowhouse

About Us

Samwoo seeks the direction that livestock farmers should take and promises to deliver the best products and services.

Samwoo is a global leader in smart livestock farm systems.
We have been developing products that fit the breeding process and characteristics of each breed of livestock through joint research with industry-academia research institutes for many years.
We have a number of patented products through continuous product development and take pride in producing the world's best products.
We will continue to do our best to grow together with our customers with our common destiny philosophy.

Greetings from CEO History

Company : Samwoo    CEO : Frank An    Tel : +82-31-353-8020~8022    Fax : +82-31-353-8023
E-mail :    Address : 4, Yongsu-gil 26beon-gil, Jeongnam-myeon, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do

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